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Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room
in your heart.”

Sitter sessions are so much fun! Babies are very interactive at this age and are full of genuine expressions. They smile easily, they giggle and make those adorable faces.

When should I book my session?

Sessions are scheduled when babies are sitting confidently without support but are not yet crawling. This is around 6-9 months old.

How do I prepare for a baby sitter session?

Sessions are booked around your baby’s naps times, as at this particular age babies are usually in their routine. Once we have agreed on your session time, we ask clients to feed their babies after their nap, just before their session. A well-rested baby is a happy baby!!!

Do you include outfits and props?

Yes, we have many little outfits and props that are available for your baby to use for their session. Most of my outfits are custom made, so there will be quite the selection to choose from.

How long do sessions run for?

These sessions are short and sweet, usually lasting for around 45 minutes.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place at our studio in Yanchep, Perth or at an outdoor location of your choice (NOR).

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